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WorkSafe Month Qld - October

Standing Desk

October is WorkSafe month in Queensland. It is a good opportunity to have a look around your workplace for ways that you can prevent injury.

There are industry specific resources on the WorkSafe Qld website which may be handy to have a browse through.

Remember that WorkSafe includes;

  • the journey to and from work, so consider the effects of fatigue (car-pool? active commute by walking?)
  • your mental health
  • your physical health and prevention of injuries and illnesses
  • have a look at your work setup – maybe a stand up desk might help or clearing a pathway for lifting and carrying
  • have a look at your work processes – you may need to set an alarm to remind you to move
  • work on your  general fitness so you are fit to work

Talk to your Physio about ways you can be safer at work. Make a time by calling 35116352 or using a contact form

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