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So won’t all the office workers please stand up? Please stand up

Standing Desk

Sitting is the modern evil. Many of us spend far too long sitting at our desks for hours on end without frequent standing breaks. This can lead to health related issues as well as poor posture, lower back, thoracic and/or neck pain and stiffness.

Talk to your Physio –  Could a sit to stand desk be appropriate for you?



  • Sit to stand desks are a great option to reduce occupational sedentary time
  • The desks can allow the user to work comfortably in both sitting and standing positions
  • Evidence suggests that sit to stand desks can significantly reduce sitting time at work
  • Decrease health related issues such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • You burn more calories standing than you do sitting as your leg and back muscles do more work!


  • Don’t sit for 8 hours one day and then change to standing for 8 hours the next, introduce it slowly, stand for a shorter period of time
  • Comfortable, supportive footwear should be worn
  • Try resting one leg on a foot stool, and keeping changing foot position
  • Ensure you have good posture in standing, don’t slump over the desk
  • Your Physio can assist you to adapt into using different desks effectively


  • Manual and electronic height adjustable sit to stand desks
  • QuickShift mini desks that fit on top of your existing desk
  • Retro clamps that clamp on to the back of an existing desk top to elevate your computer screen to allow better upper back and neck posture when sitting

Head across to Chairco’s website for their range of sit to stand desks or pop over to their showroom located in Paddington!
81 Baroona Rd, Paddington, QLD, 4064