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Why choose Paddo Physio
Why choose Paddo Physio?

At Paddington Physiotherapy we use individualised assessment to maximize the benefit of your consultation. Everybody is unique and there is no single recipe approach to improve back, neck, shoulder or foot pain. In some cases our physiotherapists and podiatrists may work together to provide the best possible management of your condition.

Did you know physiotherapy can help you to improve a wide array of concerns including:

  • Motivation to return to exercise
  • Osteoarthritis in hips and knees
  • Foot pain and footwear
  • Acute and chronic neck/back conditions
  • Safely returning to exercise after a period of inactivity or post pregnancy
  • Many more sporting and musculoskeletal conditions
What makes Paddo Physio different?

Physiotherapy has evolved from its beginnings in massage therapy in 1906. Initially, practice relied solely on clinical experience and techniques being passed down from old to new practitioners.

While Physiotherapy continues to be a ‘hands-on’ profession with important subtleties in manual techniques, we now also have a depth of scientific research to support the practice. While many techniques have withheld the test of time, others have been taken out of practice and replaced with modern concepts used in our clinic today. Physiotherapy is different to other comparable professions as it continues to improve and refine using the scientific method.

Expertise and Experience

Our Physiotherapists have wide ranging expertise from sports specialists to occupational health experts. Our physiotherapists have experience covering on and off-field management in sports such as:

  • Rugby Union
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Rock Climbing
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Marathons
  • Sailing

Check out the profiles of our physios to find out more about the interests of each of our physios.


Clinical Tools

At Paddington Physiotherapy, we use a multitude of tools to help you achieve and maintain your physical best. We use a combination of biomechanical analysis, hands on assessment, strength and flexibility testing to assess the best course of treatment. Treatment are tailored to best suit your needs and may include techniques including hands on manual therapy, massage, strength and flexibility exercises. A recent literature analysis has shown that a combination of exercise and hands on manual therapy is superior to either approach in isolation for neck pain. 


How many physio sessions will I need?

At Paddington Physiotherapy and Podiatry we strive to help you become individual experts of your own conditions and injuries. In addition to resolving your concern it is our goal to help you prevent further injuries and improve to beyond your previous conditioning. The amount and frequency of sessions required will depend on your condition. Your physio will work with you to plan out future sessions to fit with your needs.


So again, why choose Paddo Physio?

Due to the high clinical expertise of physiotherapists we are first contact practitioners in Australia (since 1977). First contact Practitioners are important primary care providers who are allowed to see private patients without any referral. Although you can still access physiotherapy without a doctor’s referral, Physiotherapists are the most referred to professionals by GPs. Your private health fund can help cover your physiotherapy whether you have received a referral or not.

If you are unsure of whether your condition is suitable for physiotherapy, the best thing to do is call us on (07) 3511 6352 to find out.