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Wheat bag safety tips

Wheat bags
  • It is not always suitable to use heat or a Wheatbag for an injury or pain condition – please follow advice from your Physio.
  • Don’t let anyone, particularly children or the elderly, sleep with a wheat bag.
  • Don’t use the wheat bag to warm your bed up, as it may spontaneously ignite.
  • Don’t reheat the Wheatbag before it has properly cooled on a non-combustible surface.
  • You are using the Wheatbag for gentle warmth – it should not be hot as you do not want to burn yourself.
  • Try to use the wheatbag in a neutral position for the area you are targeting. For example it is best not to use the Wheatbag in sitting for your neck, you are better lying so you are not utilizing your neck muscles & poking your chin forward.
  • A Hotwater bottle cannot be used in a similar manner to a Wheatbag. It is not safe, it may bust if you put weight on it.
  • Refer to enclosed instructions for appropriate heating of wheatbag.
  • Wheatbags that are a great size for use on your low back and neck are available for purchase from Paddophysio.
  • Heat is used as an adjunct to treatment it is rare that it will fix a problem, so if pain persists see your Physio.