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What happens at my first physio appointment?


Ideally try to arrive early especially for your first visit as there is some necessary paperwork to be completed. We treat all patients one-to-one with individual appointments so if you arrive late you make it difficult for us to spend enough time with you.

During your first appointment your physiotherapist will start your assessment by asking you some questions regarding your condition. The physio will then assess a series of movements & tests to ascertain what the condition is. Your postures & movements will be assessed. You will be given an explanation of the factors that have contributed to you developing the condition & movements & activities to be cautious with to avoid exacerbating the pain or preventing recovery. Treatment is likely to consist of a combination of techniques which may include mobilization, deep tissue massage & local ultrasound. You will have an exercise programme prescribed for you to continue at home. We discuss ergonomics which is the way you fit into your environment e.g. adjusting your office-chair. Your physio will help you establish your short term & long term goals in your recovery. You will be given an idea of timeframes for return to sport & return to work.

You may be referred for investigations such as X-Rays or MRI. Your physio may also refer you to your GP for other tests or see an Orthopaedic surgeon or Sports Physician.