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What happens at my 1st sports or biomechanical podiatry appointment?

Physiotherapy position available

Your feet are the foundations of your body. You may suspect that your foot posture could be contributing to aches and pains up your body, including your knees and low back. Your podiatrist will look at your presenting complaint which may include assessment of the following:

  • The way you walk, run and move
  • Your joint range of motion, muscle strength and function in your feet and lower limbs
  • Your vascular, neurological and dermatological status
  • Your activities including work, training and competition
  • Your footwear and sport requirements

Upon evaluation of your presenting complaint we will provide the treatment you need and advise you on any changes you may need to make including changes to footwear, training or incorporating stretching or strengthening areas. You may be prescribed orthotics.

At your 1st visit your podiatrist will ask about your general health including any existing or previous conditions or injuries, they will ask about your current training regime and sporting or activity goals. You may find it easiest to bring in a list of your medications and medical/injury history.

We will discuss your treatment plan and needs for reassessment or follow up care. This may be either in the form of ongoing care or until we are certain you have made a full recovery & will often include return to sport & training guidelines.

If you require a referral to another health professional we can also provide you with a referral, this includes imaging such as x-rays. We can correspond with relevant personnel such as your personal trainer & coach.