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Weight versus your Knees - break the cycle


It has been well established that obesity or even just being overweight increases the risk of Knee osteoarthritis (OA). Girth weight in particular has been shown to be a contributing factor in knee osteoarthritis. Often the situation becomes difficult in that knee pain prevents the exercise that is necessary to manage the weight.

Knees with symptomatic moderate to severe OA may be identified for surgery (total knee replacement) but surgery is risky when overweight. There are increase anaesthetic risks, clot risks and the likelihood that the prosthesis will have excess strain. Sometimes it is found that the kneecap (patellofemoral) joint is giving you the pain even if the X-Ray shows degeneration in the knee joint proper (tibiofemoral joint), so total knee replacement in these cases may not change symptoms.

Knee OA has been shown to respond well to a programme of strength exercises that your Physio can develop for you. If you are able to reduce your Knee pain you are then able to commence a tailored return to walking or other forms of exercise with the help of your Physio.

After Physio management, many of our patients are able to delay surgery for many years and some are able to avoid surgery all together. Those that do need to have surgery can reduce their risks and have a better foundation of strength to improve their outcome after surgery. So make a Physio time today.