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Tri - Keep the spark alive throughout the slog

Downhill RIde

Downhill RIdeKeep the spark alive throughout the slog

Just as you want to keep the spark alive in your relationships, you also want to make sure that your training schedule keeps you engaged (& enjoying it).

Here are some tips to bring back the fun into your training sets:

  1. Try incorporating an ocean swim with a beach start or a deep water start. Make the waves, the current & the sand work for you instead of against you.
  2. Head to the hills (or local national park) to do a trail run instead of the usual neighbourhood run. It will really help to improve your fitness overall.
  3. Enjoy a social ride for fun – forget about counting the cadence or kilometres & just ride for fun. Maybe even incorporate a group of friends to try doing a rolling peloton to keep the freshness going for longer or set the challenge to crown the king & queen of the local mountain. All of this will build strength & bike skills that you can take to your next event.
  4. Practise eating & drinking on the go while on your bike & on the run. This will not only reinforce what your body needs (& works best) & when it’s needed, but it will also mimic race conditions to strive for.
  5. Explore different locations to keep training sessions fresh. Maybe even put together a friendly training triathlon in your local park/beach/cycling crit.
  6. Seek out upcoming triathlons & events in holiday destinations you’re keen to visit. If it’s somewhere international remember to also check out the road & race rules in that country before you buckle up your helmet.
  7. Invest in a windtrainer to achieve uninterrupted time on your bike – there are no stop signs, giveway intersections, potholes or traffic. A windtrainer session has the added advantage of being able to set training goals without other environmental challenges like the weather. It’s a great inclusion for a brick session either after a swim or before a run. You’ll work on fitness, strength & transitions all in one session.
  8. Seek inspiration online from athletes you admire. A quick online search for sports motivational speakers or more specific searches like “top inspirational triathlete blogs” can reveal stories from their blogs, which may just help you to connect with your own challenges and triumphs. Remember, you’re never alone and that little dose of inspiration may only be a click away.
  9. Join a registered club. A triathlon club is great for motivation, training buddies, tips for your next triathlon & updates on any news or rule changes. Not only will it keep you up to date with the news, it can also give you entry discounts to some races & you could have the chance of representing Australia at the world championships.