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Tips for prevention of back pain during pregnancy

back pain
  • Maintain good posture when standing. Gently draw in your tummy and tighten your buttocks, draw your shoulder blades down and in, and gently tuck your chin in.
  • Maintain good posture when sitting. A lumbar support (eg. a rolled up towel or a cushion in the small of your back) will help. Lumbar supports available for purchase from Paddington Physiotherapy.
  • Minimise bending and twisting movements. Position your feet to face your task to avoid twisting through the upper body.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. If you do have to lift something, make sure you bend at your
    knees and hips, keeping your back as straight as possible.
  • If you have back pain when standing, place one foot on a low stool and alternate
    feet for the time you’re standing. Choose supportive footwear.
  • When getting out of bed, first roll to one side as a block, then use your arms to
    push your body up as you swing both legs over the edge of the bed together. Sit
    for a moment before standing.
  • When getting in and out of cars, swing your legs together as a unit, rather than
    taking one at a time. You can use something smooth & slippery (like a
    garbage bag) on the car seat to help you enter car backwards & then turn
    your legs as a unit.
  • Use a pillow between your legs +/- one under your tummy when sleeping on your side.
  • Sit down to get dressed, especially when putting on underwear or pants.
  • Wear flat shoes as much as possible. See a Podiatrist if you are having difficulty reaching your feet to maintain them.
  • Do your pelvic floor, buttock and deep abdominal exercises regularly. See a physio to learn how.
  • Consider pregnancy support leggings such as SRC and abdominal binders.
  • Seek help from your Physio with an appointment early 07 35116352 or online