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Stop this Festive Season from being a Headache

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The lead up to Christmas is traditionally a very busy time, often with long work hours & more events on at night. Longer work hours have been regularly linked to a higher risk of injury. Sleeplessness due to the weather & less sleeping hours can increase fatigue & affect the body’s ability to function physically. Fatigue also changes our posture often making us more prone to slumping.

Stress changes our posture, increasing the resting tension in the muscles, so we end up elevating our shoulders up towards our ears. Both of these postures result in the muscles of the neck & shoulder pulling on the upper neck joints & may contribute to headaches. These headaches from the neck vary but are often called tension headaches or cervicogenic headaches & often occur towards the end of the day. In some people a neck headache acts as one of the triggers to a migraine. Other people who get migraines have associated neck muscle spasm which leaves a neck headache once the migraine has resolved.

What you can do:

  • Correct your posture regularly
  • Check your computer set-up & use a headset if you’re on the phone
  • Make sure your relaxation time is not contributing to the problem – Be Wary of your posture on the Couch
  • Keep Hydrated
  • Ask your physio for assistance

Early Physio treatment helps you with a speedy & safe return to work & play. 

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