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When to start running beyond baby

Before the run

The timing of when you should start back running after a baby (or start running) depends on a number of factors such as what running you’ve done before, your current level of fitness, your pregnancy, the delivery, and of course, your baby.

Ideally, you’ll have:

  • No back pain – from SIJ or other sources; your Physiotherapist will be able to help strengthen your muscles and best prepare you for running.
  • Some pelvic floor endurance and strength is another must – simple exercises from your Physio will help to improve this for you, your lifestyle and for running in both the short and long term.
  • Some core control and pelvic stability which is needed to cope with running’s postures and jarring movements as well as different running terrains and required pram control. A Physio will be able to guide you from the start and may recommend a SIJ belt or back-brace for extra control initially (for running and/or at other times).
  • Running requires some abdominal strength as well as glute activation. Pregnancy stretches your abdominals and can even split these muscles. A general musculoskeletal assessment with your Physio before you start running can save you lots of pain later as well as ensure you start right and continue longer.
  • General fitness will improve with training.

For baby:

  • Baby head control will guide you and your pram selection as well as pram positioning and if additional cushioning or support is needed. Generally, babies develop these muscles from about 4 months but this is a guide only. If you’re unsure, ask your Physiotherapist.
  • Baby will need to be able to sit unsupported for a length of time (longer than your run time) in more upright prams. If they’re not up to that stage just yet, you’ll need a reclined pram position or even capsule attachment until they have this control and function
  • Baby needs to be fed and changed just before you head out on your run

Make a time to get started.