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Products - Heel Raises, Heelbalm, Metdomes, Foot Angels

Heel Raises may be useful if you have a leg length difference that you would like to reduce. They are a small wedge that fits inside your shoe, sometimes under the inner, although if you have a significant leg length difference you may need to also gain height from the shoe itself. Make a time to discuss with our Podiatrist if you think you have a leg length difference that is causing you problems.


Heelbalm can be useful for management of cracked heels in between your visits to the Podiatrist for general footcare.


Metdomes change the way that the front of your foot functions. They can be useful in the management of Morton’s Neuroma. The Podiatrist can help you determine if you require Metdomes and assist in the correct positioning of them.


We have Foot Angels available that can help you make your Party shoes more comfortable.