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Pregnancy & your Feet


The feet of pregnant women often need professional care. The final four to five months of a pregnancy produce marked changes in shape, posture and body weight of the mother-to-be, all of which affect the feet and can result in fatigue.

The “baby bulge” forces the lower spine into increased curvature and a tilt forward of the pelvis. This altered position produces stress on the structure of the foot as the pattern of standing and walking is affected.

The added weight also strains the joints, muscles and ligaments of the lower limbs and feet. These structures are being softened and relaxed by hormones in preparation of the baby’s delivery. The combined effect can flatten the arches of the feet and can lead to permanent problems after the birth. Your foot size may increase up to two sizes after pregnancy.

Painful calluses, corns and cracked heels are commonly experienced during pregnancy, nails become difficult to reach to cut and certain skin disorders may flare up at this time.

Your Podiatrist can treat these problems of the feet as well as offering professional advice on footwear and foot support.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also contribute to the development of Achilles Tendinopathy & Plantar Fasciitis (Fasciopathy) causing heel pain. Your Physio can assist in the treatment of heel pain.

Your Physiotherapist & your Podiatrist can help you attain healthy feet to allow you to enjoy regular exercise and a happy healthy pregnancy. Make a time today.