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Posture Pro

Posture Pro 1

The Posture Pro is useful for helping with a stiff thoracic spine by providing a way of self-mobilisation and stretching out yourself. The thoracic spine has the ribcage attached. This means that when you try to increase extension you will naturally use your lumbar spine which is more mobile. The Posture Pro provides a pivot point to work against.

Thoracic mobility is very important in sports that involve overarm shoulder movements (swimming and tennis), and throwing (water polo, baseball, softball, cricket, javelin etc). It is also important in sports that need rotation through the thorax such as Golf. 

You don’t need to be a patient to buy a Posture Pro. However, it is a good idea to consult one of our Physios to find out how to use it properly. This can also determine what other factors you may need to address, and to help your posture and sport. visit us For our Neck Physios!