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How physiotherapists support athletes

Physiotherapy position available

Physiotherapists can work with both professional and amateur athletes to keep them performing at their maximum level. Sport is important for Australians, and many young children grow up in a sporting community, participating in a wide range of activities including football, basketball, swimming and running. Even older Australians love getting active. No matter what age you are, sport is great for staying fit and healthy, having fun and socialising with other people.

Whether you are starting to exercise for the first time, or you are a seasoned athlete, your local physiotherapist can provide you with a range of important services to support your physical wellbeing, and your performance at your chosen activity.

Why athletes need physiotherapists?

Athletes and people who participate in sport or exercise regularly may need to visit their physiotherapist more than the average person. This is because, as fun as it is, physical activity can place a great deal of wear and tear on our bodies. Every time we run, jump or move, our bodies experience impact, and this can sometimes cause damage to bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Athletes put their body under a lot of stress, especially if they are training hard on a daily basis, or even participating in multiple training sessions each day. There is a great deal of psychological pressure too, for athletes to work harder, faster and more seriously. Unfortunately, because of all of this, athletes may experience greater physical problems in their bodies than the average person.

The road to recovery

If an athlete experiences injury they will want to be on the road to recovery as fast as possible, and a physiotherapist can support them through this process. A physiotherapist can diagnose the condition, provide appropriate treatment strategies, and ease the athlete back into their sport while reducing the chance of aggravating the condition and making it worse.

If you have a sporting injury, it is wise to visit your physiotherapist as soon as possible after it occurs. Even though it may not cause you a lot of pain or loss of function to start with, lack of treatment and a suitable recovery plan could cause long-term and avoidable injuries.

Athletes can also receive education, supportive equipment and professional guidance from their physiotherapists. Even if they have not experienced an injury, a physiotherapist can guide an athlete in the right direction, to ensure that injuries do not occur in the future.