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Paddington Physiotherapy and Podiatry location

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The Paddington Physiotherapy and Podiatry location was established in June 1999 at 4/219 Given Terrace, Paddington.

After 19 great years it was time to say goodbye to 4/219 Given Terrace, but we aren’t too far! Since Easter, 2018 our clinics new location is just a block away, where the old video store use to be, 1/179 Given Terrace Paddington.

This time the parking is much better, with spots available on the street and underneath (no tandem parking so don’t stress), drop off options are also available out the front in the late morning and the afternoon. It’s a clearway in the early morning between 7-9am, but has 10min parking after that. There’s also some Given Terrace 2P spots too.

If you don’t have any appointments booked in, still feel free to come in and say Hi!

Our new Paddington Physiotherapy and Podiatry location is at 1/179 Given Terrace,  give us a call on 3511 6352.