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Osteoarthritis - What do I do about OA?

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Achy joints in the turn of season? Below are some tips and tricks to avoid or prolong a total knee and hip replacement;

Osteoarthritis (OA) commonly occurs with degenerative changes in the hip and knee joints. Having a previous knee or hip injury can put you at higher risk for developing these changes within your joints later in life.


How will I know if my symptoms are due to osteoarthritis?

Pain due to OA may start without any injury. Joints may become painful, hot, swollen or begin to creak and crack. Furthermore, joint pain is often worse in the morning and can gradually increase over time.


Will I need a knee or hip replacement?

Knee and hip replacements are often sought after too late by those with osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy has been proven to increase joint function and reduce pain and stiffness in those with osteoarthritis. Therefore, settling symptoms can help delay or prevent the need for a knee or hip replacement.


Did you know?
  • You have an increased chance of developing knee OA after 45 years of age
  • Women are more likely to have OA than men due to hormonal changes during menopause
  • Excess weight can increase the chance of knee osteoarthritis


How can a physiotherapist help?

Physiotherapists are experts in assessments of body movement and function. A physio will assess your strength and movement to design a personally tailored exercise program that fits your lifestyle. Hands on manual treatment by physiotherapists of the joint and muscles help to release surrounding muscles and increase the nutrition of your joints. A combination of these treatments and careful exercise planning will help you discover and maintain the full capacity of your body.


What can you do?

Health and good habits become more important as you age. Exercise is key, and weight loss is essential. Don’t let achy joints, sore knees and feet stop you from doing the things you love. Get on top of your symptoms with a full assessment from booking an appointment with one of our physios or podiatrists will help you overcome the barriers to your exercise.