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It is common to walk around Brisbane with bad foot alignment or a condition that you think will go away with time, but without the right treatment even small injuries can lead to bigger and more serious ones in areas like the knee or the lower back.

Orthotics are just one possible solution that your Podiatrist may recommend, but it’s often something that can be of great benefit for a range of common problems.

Incorrect footwear can have a detrimental impact on your everyday life and can contribute to foot deformities such as bunions and clawed toes. As a leader in Podiatry in Brisbane we can assist you to make the right footwear choices to address your work, recreational and fashion requirements.


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What Is An Orthotic? Is It The Same As An Insert, Arch Support Or Insole?

Other common terms for orthotics might be shoe inserts, arch supports or insoles but Orthoses or Orthotic device are the official name for when a Podiatrist prescribes the specially designed shoe insert. The orthotic devices help by improving foot posture during standing and walking/running. The type of Orthoses you need depends on your lifestyle, your shoes, your foot type and the way you walk. Correctly designed and fitted orthotic devices help to improve your foot posture, reduce pain/discomfort, provide cushioning to your feet where needed and reduce overstraining your muscles and ligaments and therefore reduce the risk of further injuries.


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Generally you don’t need a referral to visit a Podiatrist, so take the first step and book in to see us. Your Podiatrist can them make a full assessment and if orthotics are part of your treatment plan, then we can provide a full range of choices. Talk to our team today on 07 3511 6352, or complete the booking form to get started.

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What Types Of Conditions Are Treated By Orthotic Therapy?

The list is extensive, but some of the more common ones are:

Shin splints

Heel pain

Amputated toe(s)

Sports injuries in particular due to biomechanical causes

Corns and calluses

Ankle sprains

Arch pain

Footwear advice

Paediatric foot problems and children's footwear advice

Flat feet and high arched feet

Morton’s neuroma pain

Arthritic pain and misalignment


Post foot and ankle trauma support