Patello-femoral Knee Pain

There are two main sections in your knee, the tibio-femoral or actual knee joint & the patello-femoral or kneecap joint. The kneecap usually works like a pulley, helping the quadriceps muscle to generate more force.  To do this, the patella has a groove in which it is meant to slide up and down.  If this does not occur properly, patellofemoral pain may arise due to a problem with the tracking of the patella.  This results in knee pain and may be due to something as simple as tight muscles and/or muscle weakness.

This problem often has a gradual onset and can result from repetitive activities such as squatting and stair climbing as well as being the result of poor footwear.  Paradoxically, both a reduction in activity as well as an increase in activity may lead to the onset of this knee pain.  If you suspect that you have a problem such as this it is important to get an early diagnosis so that treatment can be started early and the problem can be quickly resolved.

At Paddington Physiotherapy & Podiatry, you can see a Physio for your patello-femoral pain first and then the Podiatrist if you require Orthotics to assist in maintaining a painfree knee. Contact us now.

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