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What is involved in Physio Specialisation?

Specialisation Graduation 2011 - Liza

Specialisation Graduation 2011 – Liza

Specialisation in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy is via The Australian College of Physiotherapists.

Entry Level Physiotherapists get a Degree such as a Bachelor of Physiotherapy which is normally a four year degree from a University. After working and gaining experience, A Masters of Sports Physiotherapy which is normally at least a two year degree is completed at a University. After gaining a Masters degree and sitting an exam a Physiotherapist can progress to being a titled Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist or Tier two.

Titled Sports Physiotherapists can then apply to be accepted onto the Australian College of Physiotherapists training programme which is a challenging two year programme with a facilitator that culminates in a weekend of intensive examinations.

The formal description of the Specialisation process can be found on the APA website.

Liza is a Specialist Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist. You can make an appointment with her most mornings by calling 07 35116352 or by requesting her in your webform