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Incidental Exercise

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In a usual busy day, it can be difficult to find your 30 minutes for exercise so utilizing “incidental exercise programme” can help contribute to this total.

Incidental exercise is made up of choices we make which allow us to take more active options.

Some examples on incidental exercise might include:-

–       take the stairs instead of the elevator

–       get off one bus stop earlier than your destination to increase walking distance

–       walk short distances instead of driving

–       park further away at the shops

–       in the office, personally deliver messages instead of using email or telephone

–       commute by foot or cycle

–       use a pedometer to track your steps in the day.

These are just ideas of how you can increase your activity levels during the day without allocating large amounts of time.

Sitting time may be adversely affecting our health. Some studies are showing that sustained sitting can lead to changes in metabolic rate contributing to weight gain.

Sitting for too much time is not actually the same as not-exercising.

Workers who attend the gym but sit during the day expend the same amount of energy as non-exercising mothers caring for children.

Normal intermittent non-exercise activity during the day like standing up & walking around is beneficial.