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High Heel Comfort

High Heels

You can wear high heels in comfort; it just takes a little know-how – or some advice from our Podiatrist. Admittedly, high heeled shoes are not all that fabulous for your foot health.  Wearing high heels on a daily basis can lead to foot problems including pain under the heels &/or ball of the foot, bunions, toe pain & nerve pain in the foot. But as every woman knows, high heels can also be very attractive shoes for work & play & if you choose to wear them a Podiatrist can help you do so in comfort – it just takes a little compromise!

There are a number of different ways for you to wear high heels with more comfort:

The first is to choose heels that are a bit better for your feet.  This may mean choosing shoes with a thicker, sturdier heel which improves stability within the shoe.  Ultimately, you need to save the stilettos for the weekends & special occasions’ only ladies!  Also for every day wear, generally speaking, the more closed in the upper part of the shoe, the more support your feet will experience – so try choosing heels that are closed in at the heel counter (back part of the shoe) rather than those that are backless.

The second is to add cushioning to the toe-box area of the shoes.  Podiatrists usually stock padding that can be added to your heels in order to assist in offloading the ball of the foot & to provide cushioning so that your heels are more comfortable.

The third is to put something in the shoe that transfers force off of the ball of your foot.  Orthotics can be custom made small enough to fit into a dress shoe.  Provided your heels are of court shoe style (closed in back and sides) & the heel is no higher than 2 inches, an orthotic device can be made thin & narrow enough to fit within the shoe.

If your feet are feeling exhausted from heels or your experiencing pain while wearing your heels, contact our Podiatrist for further advice & management.