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General and Family Physio

Physiotherapists are like a mechanic for the body. When you have a problem with your car, you take it to the mechanic – when you have a problem with your muscles or joints, or sometimes before you have a problem, then you should see a physiotherapist.

At Paddington Physiotherapy our treatments achieve, maintain and restore maximum functional ability and movement. It is important for us to discover the cause or causes of the problem. This means we thoroughly assess, diagnose and treat the joint, nerve and muscle conditions that may be causing your problem.

We have a specialist in sports physiotherapy to help you bounce back from an injury or improve your current performance. Conditions we commonly treat include headaches, neck pain, ankle sprains, lower back pain, knee pain and injuries, foot pain, and shoulder injuries.


PPP Family Exercise

Treatment Techniques

Some of the techniques Paddington Physiotherapy use include:

  • Therapeutic exercise for flexibility, strength and control
  • Massage techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point release
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Orthotic and footwear advice
  • Ergonomic advice for your office
  • Individualised exercise programs to assist in your recovery
  • Electro physical agents such as ultrasound
  • Advice and education about your condition and things you can do to help in your recovery

It’s important to get checked for limited range of movement, muscle imbalances or muscle weakness, which all lead to problems such as reduced functionality or pain.

We can help you to understand ways you can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and age related injuries. There is often an increased prevalence of certain conditions as people age however age is not necessarily the reason for the condition occurring. For example; on MRI a high percentage of asymptomatic people have degenerative changes, so you can have degenerative changes on scan but no pain, and then a week later you can do something and have pain. This pain is very amenable to physio treatment – we can get you back to having no pain even though you have changes on X-ray.

We believe in early intervention and prevention – we help the weekend warrior do their first marathon, first triathlon or start a walking regime. We can check that your shoes are the right ones to suit your activity levels, your foot and your gait. If you want to know how Paddington Physio & Podiatry can help you, then call us today on (07) 3511 6352.

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Our Services

What Do I See A Physiotherapist For?

Sports Injuries

Headaches & some of the effects of Migraines

Hip pain

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Muscle imbalances

Worker’s injuries

New exercise programme or even just moving more

Ankle sprains

Shoulder pain

Pre-surgery - rehabilitation


Starting a running programme

Knee injuries

Neck pain

Tennis elbow

Osteoporosis & osteoarthritis

Postural assessment

Biomechanical assessment & performance enhancement