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Reno Rumble - The Dangers of Home Renovation


DIY Home Renovation is responsible for a vast number of injuries.  Some of the presentations include tennis elbow from painting, neck pain from reaching, knee pain from flooring and ladders, low back pain from lifting and shoulder injuries from power tools.

Consider your home renovation like a sport – warm up prior and do your stretches.  Have a clear ‘playing field’ to reduce your chance of injury.  Rest regularly and seek help early for small injuries before they affect your ability to complete the task.

Break up your tasks. If for example you have a big hard wood deck to nail down and you are not used to significant amounts of nailing, break the task up into smaller periods of time.

Look at where you position ladders and trestles. If you are able to do tasks below shoulder height you minimize your injury risk.

Evaluate the situation before you lift. Is the weight too heavy for one person? Should you use lifting equipment such as a trolley? Is the pathway clear to where the object needs to go?

Make sure you have the right equipment for the job, including footwear – come and find out what you should look for in steelcap or soft toe workboots. Thongs are not workboots! If you have soft office hands you should consider using protective gloves.

So if you are doing your own Reno Rumble, take care, if you do get a niggle we can help you so you don’t lose valuable time or make the injury worse – phone 35116352 or  online