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CrossFit, Injury & Physiotherapy

Girl Running Down Stairs

Cross fit represents an ever growing choice for exercise in the heath and fitness arena . It has drawn a variety of opinions from various health professionals about its worth. Paddington Physiotherapy appreciates it is a good exercise choice. Repeat high intensity exercise has been shown to be most beneficial for fat burning and increasing VO2 Max, and CrossFit training encompasses both these aspects.

With the high intensity style of this exercise, technique of movements is the danger area for injuries, especially when under fatigue. Your CrossFit trainer will help hone your exercise technique but unfortunately sometimes injuries can occur as with any from of intense exercise. Chronic injuries are another injury type we commonly treat at Paddington Physiotherapy, and again, as with any form of exercise, it can be a problem in the cross fit exerciser.

 At Paddington Physiotherapy, we see injuries from all sorts of exercise and sporting regimes. From a physiotherapy perspective we can help manage you back to CrossFit faster by treating your injury and addressing any biomechanical or structural regions that are resulting in increased chance of injury. We also offer advice on recovery techniques, training cycles and exercise technique. So if your have a chronic or acute injury from cross fit give us a call so we can help you get back to your best faster.