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Children’s foot screening


You can bring your children in any time of the year to have their feet assessed but it’s a good idea to get checked before your purchase new shoes.

Taking your child to see a podiatrist is a great opportunity to get your child’s feet and general posture looked at.  Good foot and lower limb health is really important for children’s growth and development.

Seeing a podiatrist from a young age can help to prevent foot and lower limb problems later in life with footwear advice, stretching and strengthening exercises.  A podiatrist can also identify when further intervention is needed for example orthotics.

Why should you come and see a podiatrist?

Maybe you have noticed one or more of the following:

  • Your child walks with their feet turned in or out
  • Your child walks on their toes
  • Your child gets sore feet or legs
  • Your child has flat feet
  • Your child often wakes during the night with cramping
  • Your child fatigues easily

Please contact one of our reception staff to make an appointment for your child, we look forward to seeing you!