SRC women’s shorts & leggings in stock

For women searching for some extra support we now stock SRC Support Recovery Comfort Shorts and Leggings which have been especially designed for women. The seams are positioned and designed flat for greater comfort. SRC use breathable fabric designed to be worn under everyday clothes. There are three styles:

  • SRC Recovery shorts and leggings to assist abdominal muscle recovery after pregnancy, after diastasis rectii, following abdominal surgery including caesarians, during low back pain episodes. Supports abdominal muscles and and pelvic floor.
  • SRC Pregnancy shorts and leggings providing supportive compression for the pelvic floor and around the pelvis and assist with circulation.
  • SRC sports shorts and leggings for active support.

Health fund rebates for SRC shorts and leggings may be claimable with a prescription from your physiotherapist or from your Obstetrician or GP. Price: Shorts RRP $189. Leggings RRP $199. Come in and get fitted – available without an appointment or get fitted during an appointment for pelvic floor education or low back pain treatment.


SRC Pregnancy Shorts

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